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Build a Windows 7 Container

Hi guys,
I’m new to Docker and have a question about its functions.
I googled for a long time but couldn’t find any solution for my question.

Is it possible to create a Docker Container which runs a full Windows 7 installation?
And if it is, how can i configure it?

I know Docker is not meant to run a Guest OS, but I’m just wondering if it is possible.

Thank you for your help!

This is not possible. If you plan on doing a full installation of Windows 7, you should use a VM. Docker is not meant to be used in that sense.

The closest you can get to running Windows inside of Docker is WindowsServerCore or NanoServer. You can read here for more information:

You need Windows 10 Pro or higher with Anniversary update or Windows Server 2016 to run containers.

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Thank you very much for this Info!

I am interested can I use Windows 7 OS, 32 bit for using and launching docker?
At least with help of Virtual Box or so?!
As far as I know there is Docker ToolBox that enable to use, Docker Desktop on Windows, unless it is restricted to Windows 10.