Docker For Windows Running On A VM

I have a laptop running Windows 7 Pro. Not really wanting to install Docker Toolbox and Virtual Box to get Docker running in order to run small Docker instances. Has anyone set up a VMWare Workstation running Windows 10 and installed Docker for Windows on that VM and then ran Docker instances that way? I would rather isolate from my base OS anyway on my laptop and I was wondering if anyone has done this.

I’ve mine running on Windows 10 VMWare in Windows containers. Whenever I switch it to Linux Container, it returns with error. I tried to ping the ip of the container from the container host, it returned with “Request timeout” except I ping it with There is lots of issues where I’ve no clue how to solve it. When I install the Docker For Windows on a non-virtual Windows 10 machine, no problem. If you get yours running 100%, please let me know.