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Build failed: max depth exceeded


(Stefanhans) #1


at the end of a “successfull build”, i.e. all lines in the Dockerfile executed successfully:

Removing intermediate container 7b69eb5166f8
max depth exceeded

If I remove the RUN commands in the Dockerfile there is no such message.

Any ideas what “max depth exceeded” means?


(Poppahorse) #2

getting this too, did you ever resolve?

(Stefanhans) #3

No, sorry. It was not so important for me. I’ve started from scratch again.

(Jim Sander) #4

I get this too, and it’s while trying ot edit a file in place; here I’m trying to sed to the a destination file, whether I do it inline "sed -i" or redirect

COPY conf/jenkins.conf /tmp/jenkins.conf
RUN sed "s/JENKINS_FQDN/$JENKINS_FQDN/g" /tmp/jenkins.conf > /etc/nginx/conf.d/jenkins.conf

(Aaron Wentzel) #5

Did you guys ever get a resolution to this?