Build for platform ppc64le fails due to script copied into the image build

Good morning everyone,
my platform is m1 Mac and I’m trying to build an image for platform ppc64le.
First of all the Dockerfile I am using is very simple and works fine when running on ppc64le environment.
I also tried build for platform linux/amd64 using emu and works fine but when I build for platform pc64le I get an error running

Can someone help ? I attach dockerfile ,command and error


FROM websphere-liberty:

COPY --chown=1001:0 server.xml /config/
COPY --chown=1001:0 jvm.options /config/



docker build . --platform linux/ppc64le -t liberty01informatica:v0.1


#8 DONE 0.0s

#9 [4/4] RUN

#9 ERROR: process "/bin/sh -c" did not complete successfully: exit code: 32

 [4/4] RUN