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Building image from installation ISO

I’m building an image to run a corporate application which has an installer ISO disc image for the application. In the docker file, i’m copying the ISO into the image, mounting it, running the installer, unmounting the image then deleting the ISO file. I can imagine there would be a better way of doing it to keep the final build image as small as possible.

What are your thoughts?

mount the iso as a volume instead of copying into the image

Hello @masonb81 I am curious to know as to how is the ISO being mounted. I am trying to mount an .iso inside of a windows docker container and am unable to do so. I do not know if you are trying to do so in a Linux container. Even otherwise, how are you able to mount the ISO?

Kiran Hegde

You need to be able to mount an external volume. /dev/something

I don’t know how u do this in windows.

You could try to use packer to build your image straigt from the iso, assumed that you can provide a preseed to automate the initial installation and a set of additional scripts to install all custom components.

Another approach would be to download the image from a local webserver, mount it, install the application and delete the image in a single chained RUN declaration.

@masonb81 Hi, I’m working on doing the exact same thing as you describe here. I have an installation ISO for a server application that I am attempting to containerize using docker. I’ve run into some issues when trying to mount/ install in an Alpine Container, then Ubuntu.

Could you describe the exact steps that you utilized to successfully build the docker image from the installation ISO?