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Old Bootable ISO -> Docker Import

I have a bootable ISO image for an older Linux distro [glibc 2.11.2] that aligns with one used by a (huge company) customer of ours (tiny company). There are no official or unofficial containers for that distro on Docker Hub that go back that far.

I would like to create a Docker container from this ISO file that I can use for building and testing our software on that platform.

My first idea is to…

  • %> sudo mount --read-only /path/to/the/distro.iso /mnt/iso
  • %> sudo tar -cpzf /tmp/iso.tgz /mnt/iso
  • %> docker import /tmp/iso.tgz

Now I’ve got a container!

Wait! It’s a bootable ISO though! What about all that setup that it does during installation?

What’s the right way to do this?