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Building on my new branch fails, but I can't see the error

I’ve recently upgraded to Pro and when I try to build a branch I’ve just updated on GitHub the build fails. When I click on the build in the “Recent builds” to see what is the issue, I get the following error:

Something went wrong!
We’ve logged this error and will review it as soon as we can. If this keeps happening, please file a support ticket with the below ID.

Does anybody know how to fix this? Thanks.

Additionally, I can’t see the latest builds under “Build Activity”. The message is:

Overview of your build activity of the last 0 builds

and there is no build underneath, even though I already have both successful and failed builds.

Same thing for “Recent Builds”, which is completely empty, and under “Latest Build Status” in the “Automated Builds Section” only the successful builds have a text: the others are blank.