Docker build error

Even though the last message I see in the log is:

Successfully built 73dfc9054b7e

DockerHub states that the status is ‘Build Error’. The image builds correctly on local machines, and the last message from the log has no errors. What could be the reason for the build error? Is there another place besides the DockerHub log where we can see why the build was not succesfful?


Hi Greg,
I did search your issue through the build id, and tried reproducing the bug. You might have seen me forking your public GitHub branch. We found and resolved the issue.
If you see the latest build for anaconda-plus, it succeeded.
If you encounter such issue again, please create a support ticket or send email at

Hi Sabin,

Thank you so much for responding. Could you let me know what the issue was, in case we encounter this in the future?


Hi Greg,
The issue wasn’t in your side. There was problem while retrieving the BuildID from your built image – got interpreted incorrectly. We only encountered 2 such cases, so was really weird. Now the issue is resolved and the builds should be fine.