BYON Swarm/Fleet management commands time out or take 30+ seconds

When opening a terminal to run any command on a swarm (from docker beta menu), I’ll get a “getsockopt: operation timed out” error, or the command will take 30+ seconds.

The swarm in question is local, on our own servers (BYON). SSH’ing into the server to run docker commands is nearly instantaneous.

I’m not sure where to begin troubleshooting.

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I am have the same issue.
Docker for Mac version : Version 17.05.0-ce-rc1-mac8 (16582) Channel: edge 73d01bb48e
The Swarm menu lists my Swarms in Docker Cloud.
Selecting a swarm in that menu opens a terminal window.
But no docker command will work :
$ docker info
Error response from daemon: dial tcp getsockopt: operation timed out

Any idea ?

Creating a new Swarm from Docker Cloud Swarm web UI fixed it for me.
The failing swarm had been created with Docker for AWS Cloud Formation and was added with Docker Cloud “Bring your own swarm”. Also it had older versions of Docker Engine and probably also dockercloud/server-proxy.

$ docker service ls
pwb1hnhirhr4 dockercloud-server-proxy global 3/3 dockercloud/server-proxy:latest *:2376->2376/tcp