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C drive is shared with the network (unexpected)

(Sihorton) #1

Expected behavior

When I run docker I can mount local directories as volumes.

Actual behavior

Docker shares my c drive with the entire network, this was not expected since virtual box for example also allows the virtual machine to access the local hard drive (with virtualbox additions) but that does not make the c drive available to the entire network. Maybe this is the only way to sort out mounting issues, but ideally you just want hyper-v to have access to the disk rather than other network machines as well. If it has to be done like this then maybe it would be better to be able to select what folders to share even if you then have to mount volumes to a virtual mount point (like \docker\sharename…).


Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Select “Settings” and then "Share C: (requires user/password).
  2. Go to a different machine on the network and browse to your machine running docker, I did get a challenge / response (so you do require a password) but then there is a c folder and you can browse the entire disk.

(Michael Friis) #2

Thanks for your feedback. While it’s secure and mostly not worse than the Toolbox/Virtualbox implementation, we’re not happy with this design either. We’ll be ramping up work on a better filesystem implementation for Docker for Windows soon.

(Sihorton) #3

Thats great, thanks for the answer.

(Tonći Vatavuk) #4

C: is shared but it looks that only my user account have permissions to access it, so I do not see it as security problem. I’m using D4W Beta 6 version.

(Sihorton) #5

Yes same for me, I get a challenge when I try to access the C folder. It is more a case that this was unexpected and not ideal. The response from docker is good, that it works for now and they will work on a better design soon.

(Brian Bezanson) #6

@friism- Since this was written a year ago, is there any update to the implementation of a new file system option on Windows?

We have issues with IT Security Policy not allowing Windows File Sharing to be enabled.