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Alternative for data volumes with Docker for windows


(Guido Diepen) #1

At home I have been working a lot with Docker, which worked flawlessly under Linux :slight_smile:

Right now I am also trying it on a windows 10 laptop and I have everything working except for one problem: due to security settings it is not possible to access any shares over the network using my account (this has been disabled via a group policy…)

If I understand everything correct, docker is setup with the virtual machine running under Hyper-V and uses a SMB/CIFS mount to mount the drives within the virtual machine.This will then allow me to use a local folder as a persistent data volume within the docker container.

However, due to the security setting on my laptop, when I provide my account credentials to docker, it is not able to mount the C drive because it lacks the security rights. When I try to mount a shared folder from within a docker container, I always get the following error NT_STATUS_LOGON_TYPE_NOT_GRANTED , which is related to the fact that my account is not in the list of accounts
"Access this computer from the network" in group policy.

Is there any alternative approach people have found that will allow me to still work with persistent data volumes from my local drive in the docker container? Maybe via some additional volume plugins? Unfortunately, it is not an option for me to change the policy setting :frowning:

(Rolf Neugebauer) #2

@gdiepen thanks for your detailed report. Unfortunately, we currently have noother means to enabled file sharing between host and the VM.

One option, might be to create a local (admin) user and use the users credentials for the mount? This might get tricky with file permissions etc.

(Guido Diepen) #3

Thanks @rneugeba for you option. Unfortunately, this option does not work: My account is actually a member of the local administrators group on the computer. However, this local administrator group is also not in the Äccess this computer from the network"group policy setting :frowning:

Will have to keep on trying to find a completely out-of-the-box solution as I really really would like to start using docker on my work laptop :slight_smile: