Cache fails: Unable to find image

I am trying to build an image but it fails after base container step with message 'unable to find image “sha256:8e6e27b98503d4ce5e0d610022cb51cd0c4f129d69276af96106a74b94a6f78c” ’

I cannot find this image /var/lib/docker/image/aufs/imagedb/ in our build and registry server. I however can build the image when using --no-cache handle or when building it with my personal computer.

Different tags or no tags at all don’t make a difference, neither does making changes to the source code or Docker file.

Here’s the Dockerfile I’m using:

FROM mhart/alpine-node:6

ENV work_dir /var/www
WORKDIR ${work_dir}

RUN apk --update add nginx

ADD package.json ${work_dir}

RUN npm install

COPY deployment/nginx.conf /etc/nginx/nginx.conf
ADD . ${work_dir}
RUN node_modules/.bin/ng build --env=$ENV -prod

CMD ["/var/www/"]

I’m running out of ideas how to fix this. Building with --no-cache works for the time being but I’d like to get to the bottom of this. Thanks in advance for help!

Bumping this. Still puzzled.