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Error while building image

(Ebizkiran) #1

Hi every one,
I’m getting error while building my Docker base image.
$ docker build -t docker/php .
It is showing Error as below.
Sending build context to Docker daemon 3.072 kB
Step 1 : FROM nagakiranebiz:php
Pulling repository
Error: image library/nagakiranebiz not found
Can anyone help me over her.
Thanks in advance. Regards,


Can you please post your Dockerfile so we can all have a look?

Typically, the FROM line specifies the base image, such as ubuntu, coreos, centos, etc. Based on the output, it looks like you’re trying to start with an image called nagakiranebiz with a tag of php. My guess is that doesn’t exist, or doesn’t exist on docker hub, thus the “not found” message.

(Ebizkiran) #3

Thanks tcrockett thats worked like charm