Can a docker swarm worker join 2 different swarm managers?

I’m thinking about to use a power full machine as docker worker for multi manager node’s

i haven’t try it, but the think coming to me today when i’m working at home, and thinking its can be cool to hook up multi managers into a big cpu cluster of workers so i don’t need to run multi worker in a virtual enviorment to do this.

can some one clear it for me about i can do this or not?

Just to be sure, when you write multi manager node's, you are not refering to single swarm cluster with multiple manager nodes, but instead to multiple swarm clusters?

While the first case works out of the box, the second is impossible.

A swarm node can only be member of a single cluster. In order to switch cluster membership, the worker would need to leave the swarm, a mangager node of the cluster it left needs to delete the node from the members list - as a result all swarm related objects will be lost (services, secrets, configs,…). Then the worker node can be joined to the new swarm cluster.

Okay thanks, yes i want 2 differend manager cluster and then join a powerfull worker into both, :slight_smile:

Its make good sens, but i really hope the secound option its a option, becures then you can just install and join in multi big servers and then build it even more dynamic’s :slight_smile:

here i think on development, stagingen envoiment can this way share the cluster power but yeah its sad but make sens :slight_smile: :laughing: