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Docker swarm manager and worker nodes

W.r.t to the diagram .
It shows Docker Swarm Architecuture with Manager and Worker nodes.
Can a worker be associated with only one manager OR more than one manager/s at same time. Please clarify

Either you create distinct clusters or you tell us us more about what you try to archive.

Short answer: No.

There is no separate “manager”, there is only manager-nodes in the cluster. A worker connected to the cluster only wants to talk to any of the managers.

What you are describing is what I call “the mum and dad case” where children (workers) wants to talk to either the mum-manager or the dad-manager but can’t. There is only “guardian-managers”, that can be mum or dad if we are in the “family-cluster”, “grandparent-managers” if the child-nodes are started in the “getting-spoiled-cluster” or “teacher-managers” if they are in the “school-cluster”.

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