Can Docker be run on a VirtualBox with Win 10 as guest and Win 7 as host?

For a proof of concept I’m trying to set up docker on a Windows machine. Since I only have access to physical machines with Win 7 I tried to get a Citrix Desktop with Win 10 Enterprise. Docker and the Hyper-V tools were installed OK, but running the “hello-world” container failed - it didn’t even start.


This system does not have a hypervisor. (0xc0351000)

I then set up a Virtualbox VM with Win 10 Enterprise and got the same results. Changing the “Accelleration” settings of the VM did not change the results.

I also tried to un/re-install Hyper-V Tools and docker on both systems several times, as this solved the issue (probably on other OS combinations) for some people, but to no avail.

Is this a general problem of running docker in a VM (which I can’t really imagine) or rather connected to the fact that

  • I did something wrong during install/setup
  • or the host machine is Win 7 which doesn’t know (and thus can’t “forward”) Hyper-V
  • or the guest is Win 10 64bit which already uses Hyper-V itself and can’t provide it for docker?

One thing that I forgot to mention is that the Win 10 guest has a problem with one of the components (showing in the device manager) :
Microsoft Hyper-V Bus Provider for virtual computers (translated from German) is not working correctly.
I guess this is the show stopper, but how to fix it?

been a long time, but yes, without hyperv you can run virtualbox on win7, and host a win10. then you can run docker in the win10… and docker toolbox on the win 7…

the two dockers don’t talk to each other, just two different OS’s on the same machine.

i use vmware today, but have virtualbox available too for different testing scenarios.
i can’t use hyperv if I use vmware…

Instead of wasting my time trying to get this to run, I think I’ll try to get this running with VMWare. Time is in short supply :wink: