Can docker-machine use private AMIs on EC2?

I’m trying to spin up an AWS instance based on a private AMI and am getting the following

docker-machine create --driver amazonec2 --amazonec2-ami <ami id> ami3-test

Running pre-create checks...
Creating machine...
(ami3-test) Launching instance...
Error creating machine: Error in driver during machine creation: Error launching instance: InvalidAMIID.NotFound: The image id '[<ami id>]' does not exist
	status code: 400, request id: d27a8df8-0dc1-49cf-8d6c-370656d3d02d

I’m pretty new to the docker ecosystem so I’m probably stepping on my own feet, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

And the solution is user error. I had the wrong EC2 zone so machine couldn’t find the image. Derp!