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Docker-Machine with windows VM on AWS

(Jpnolin) #1

So I am trying to create an AWS gitlab-runner that would auto-scale with AWS instances with the amazonec2 driver and docker-machine.
It seems that Gitlab-runner is using docker-machine as its way of creating vm and wants to send the job to them after.
I’d like the VM docker host to run windows containers so the VM I spawn with docker-machine has a windows AMI.

The instance gets started correctly on AWS but it gets stuck on the message:
Waiting for ssh to become available…

So I am wondering if all of this is possible at all. Docker-machine doesn’t seem to ssh into the windows container and even, ssh-ing into a windows container looks like weird to me. I am not sure I should try to do this at all and are not finding a lot of results on docker-machine windows vms.

Is it possible to create a docker-machine windows vm? And how docker-machine connects to it?

(Alelec) #2

I’m very interested in exactly the same thing. I’m currently using amazonec2 driver successfully for linux machines, would love the same to work for windows as well.

I haven’t tried it yet but this may be another option: