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Can I make my current host to a docker image

(Qgan) #1

Can I make my current host(installed some product and services) to a docker image directly.
I dont’t want use the basic image and then create container and install these products in it, then commit as image.

Thanks a lot

(Nathan Le Claire) #2

It’s not recommended. For starters, your existing system consists of many processes working together, whereas a container is only meant to run one service. Why not create each service in its own container?

(Nxlhero) #3

maker a tar package of your / directory and import it into your local image repo. That should work.

(Qgan) #4

Thank for your reply .
Our products are very complicated, I have to install lots of software to make it running, so I don’t want to install them in a new basic images It would be convenient If I can use my current VM and make it to an image.

(Qgan) #5

Thank you for the reply , I will try