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How to create snapshot of the server as a docker image?

(Vinothub) #1

I have a centos 7 installed on a bare metal server. On top of it i install some custom sofware on it.

Is there a way to create a base image with os + software as a docker image. ?

Those custom software are not able to installed directly via Dockerfile, Instead it is running on bare metal centos server.

So is there a way to get the snapshot of the server as a docker image ?

(Nathan Le Claire) #2

You could probably tar up the root file system and docker import it – however, replicating an entire server with a variety of processes, full-blown init, etc. in Docker is generally not recommended. Here be dragons. Containers aren’t VMs, they’re just special processes.

Why? You cannot express the installation of this software as a series of invoked commands?

(Vinothub) #3

Thanks Nathan for your reply.

The problem not using the series of commands is "on my other post in the forum “tar extract failed inside docker using -O options”.

The instructions given in the custom software is not running inside the docker. That’s why I will search on a way to handle this.


(Nathan Le Claire) #4

I’d try and figure out why your tar command isn’t working – solving that will likely be easier and result in a more robust solution

(Vinothub) #5

Yes it is . That’s great if we have a solution for the tar.


(Aray12) #6

Link for those who follow me