Can I setup a server with Docker and use it with mobile apps?

I am new at backend development and I am developing an API on Django rest framework, I want to deploy it to a server to start testing it with an Android app but I am really confused, I saw Docker could help me with this but I am not sure if it´s the right solution, I have some days learning Docker and it´s amazing, but I don´t know if I can do what I want, which is put my Django code in a Server (Or an emulated server) and use the developed API to get the data from my Android App, or if I should us another method (For example I have heard about Heroku).

So the question is, is it possible to setup a server with Docker to put my API on it and get it with a mobile app (I ask this because so far I was able to emulate a server but only with local port, so I can´t get connected with my cellphone)? If so, is Docker just for development and then I would have to use Heroku or another platform or can I setup Docker and use it for production?

I hope anyone can help me with this, I am really confused

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