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Can I update already built docker-compose setup?


(Hadifarnoud) #1

I have built a few containers using docker-composer from this repo.

however, I now need to have another container for rails and maybe another one for email. can I simply modify docker-compose.yml file and do another docker-compose up ?

in my case, is it even possible to have two web server at the same machine? how can I handle port 80 exposure?


@hadifarnoud - after you make changes to your docker-compose.yml, you would need to rebuild, using docker-compose build.

It’s possible to have two web servers on the same machine, just that they have to be on different ports (80 and 81, for example).

Made a fork and added my change here:

(Hadifarnoud) #3

Thanks @erictsang! so I assume I can use nginx reverse proxy to map that server to now. right?


Yep. You sure can. :smile: