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Using docker-compose with passenger-ruby base image for multiple web apps

(Peter Zingg) #1

I’m a Docker newbie but I was able to follow some advice somewhere and set up docker-compose with two services in the .yml file:

  • “db”, an image that just references the “library/mysql” image.
  • “web”, a build that uses the Dockerfile in the current directory, based on the “phusion/passenger-ruby19” base image, then sets up nginx, and ADDs the Gemfile and application project.

If I want to add another web application, I guess I just add another build to the docker-compose.yml from a separate directory on the Docker host, and it will run in its own container with separate ports.

Is there a way to have the web applications in both containers (or “services”) exposed to the public on port 80, but at either different host name/IP addresses or different paths on the same host name/IP address? Could I install a master nginx proxy container with docker-compose that listens on port 80 and then proxies out to the various passenger-ruby container passenger proxies, which would listen on different ports in each web app server/container?

Or should I put both web applications in the same phusion/passenger image? That removes the nice isolation features of separate containers, though.

Does this make any sense?

(Sam Saffron) #2

you want to add haproxy or varnish in front then you can split traffic between containers.