Can not connect to the Docker daemon


Accidentally in out stage environment cluster, swarm manager and consul containers (default containers) are deleted. So how can we restore those containers.

  1. swarm:1.1.0

And when I issue the below commands at SSH console, getting the error i.e. “Can not connect to the Docker daemon at tcp://localhost:2375. Is the docker daemon running?”

docker ps -a
docker info

Could you please help us on this issue.


hi @srikanthboga, you can find the images of your deleted containers in the image list, Try docker images command. If images are present there you can try to run container from them. If you do not find any image in the list you can pull these images from docker hub also. Pull images from docker hub and run containers.
below are the links to find these images on docker hub:

restart the VM once after your containers runs normally

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