Can not run my visual studio 2019 c++ app in a container

Hi. I have a C++ application compiled with VS2019. I compile it in Release x64 mode. It depends on 4 dlls also. My exe name is Meshing.exe and I have written my Dockerfile as follows:

ADD /vc_redist.x64.exe
RUN C:\vc_redist.x64.exe /quiet
SHELL ["cmd", "/S", "/C"]
COPY Meshing.exe ./Meshing/
COPY boost_filesystem-vc143-mt-x32-1_81.dll ./Meshing/
COPY gmp-10.dll ./Meshing/
COPY gmsh-4.11.dll ./Meshing/
COPY mpfr-6.dll ./Meshing/
WORKDIR /Meshing
CMD Meshing.exe

It successfully builds with docker build -t meshing . , but when I run it as docker run -it meshing cmd and then when i give Meshing.exe command, it does not print on the screen anything while it is expected to so. It just terminates without giving any error or anything else. Should I install some other VS2019 dependencies into container? If so, what should I write into Dockerfile?

Thanks in advance.