Can not start Docker on server Win 2016 not connected to Internet

Docker for WindowsServer 2016
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When trying running Docker on a server Windows 2016, I fail constantly. At the start, I have an error notification. It seems that an Hyper-V component is not running, so MobyLinuxVM stops right away.

I looked at Hyper-V, MobyLinuxVM is not active, this is probably the reason why Docker can not start. But which is the component ? Then I read the log file, it repeats numerous times the following sequence :

[11:05:31.623][VpnKit ][Error ] vpnkit.exe: Caught Une opération de socket a rencontré un réseau inactif.
[11:05:31.623][VpnKit ][Info ] while creating Hyper-V socket

Is there someone to provide me some help ?