Can someone help me with a working dockerfile of windows image on linux hosts

I’m a newbie. I was running into below error:
FROM python:3.7-windowsservercore-1809
3.7-windowsservercore-1809: Pulling from library/python
no matching manifest for linux/amd64 in the manifest list entries
Most of my google search results shown that it is not possible to run windows container on linux host. Kindly can someone help me with it.

A container is an isolated process on the host kernel.
Since linux kernels can not run windows processes, it is impossible to use windows images on a linux system. You need a Windows system to run Windows containers.

N.B. some people build linux images that use wine to run windows applications in linux containers. There should be plenty of examples on dockerhub/github that can help to understand how such an image could be build.