Can´t install Docker on Windows 10h2

Hello Guys & Gals!

I´m having a little Problem with the installation of Docker on Windows 10 (h2). If i start the Docker Dekstop Installer.exe i get the following error message:

“This access control list is not in canonical form and therefore cannot be modified.”

I´ve redownloaded the installer mutlitple times without any luck. I sure start the installer with Admin rights. Also the Windows User has Admin rights. Am i missing something?

It looks like it is a problem with the permission settings on your Windows.

There are multiple similar issues and every answer shows that you need to add permission to access a specific folder. It would not happen with an admin user if your Windows 10 settings was correct. Your user should have write access to the Program Files and I think AppData in your home and maybe more.

You can also try to temporarily disable your antivirus software if you are sure you downloaded Docker from the official, trusted source.

Make sure you have all the system requirements mentioned in the documentation.

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Hello & thank you for the reply!

What worked for me was this line:

icacls.exe C:\users /reset /T /C /L /Q

It took forever und spit out some errors but after that i got the installer to work.

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