Can we discuss Docker mac kubernetes here?

Is this the right place to report Docker for MAC+kubernetes beta issues?

In one place I read it was a private beta, I never received an email, but had signed up, and an update installed it for me.

Checking in case there are any restrictions on public discussions…


The users who signed up for the Kubernetes Desktop beta are being emailed by batches to make sure we control the quality at first. If you registered, you will receive an email in the coming weeks.

Sure, feel free to ask questions here.


Kubernetes powered Docker for Mac 17.12 is now GA and is available for all. It brings experimental Kubernetes and the latest versions of Docker compose and Docker Machine. Irrespective of registered Beta programme, now you should be able to update your D4M. Please note that Docker for Windows will be the next target and release is around Feb 2018. For Linux, you might need to wait for another 2-3 months.