Docker for mac kubernetes support, status?

What’s the status on the latest docker for mac beta software with kubernetes enabled?
I signed up for the beta program back in 2nd of november and I haven’t got any email saying that it’s ready. Just read the latest docker weekly saying that a beta tester got access to it now.
I’m running the latest docker for mac edge channel Version 17.12.0-ce-rc4-mac44 (21438) and I’m logged in with my docker id account.

The access to Kubernetes integrated Docker platform is not available to everyone who registered for beta programme. Docker Inc has randomly chosen list of community members based on Dockerhub ID and only those users has got access to the build. Please note that even if you have registered as beta build doesn’t mean that you will get access to it while you update your latest Docker For Mac 17.12 Edge release. The selection is completely RANDOM and targeted at random Docker ID. Being part of Docker Captain programme, I received early access to the beta build through email. You might need to wait for their email. Hope it helps.

A new Edge version was released today -17.12.0-ce-mac45 - which provides the ability for everyone to try Kubernetes. I just manually ran an update check a short while ago and it was available.

Details on activating Kubernetes are available here: The docs page temporarily still says you have to be signed in with your Docker ID and be on the beta list but you can ignore that. Should be available to all on Edge.