Can we operate DL Framework containers at the Swarm?

At the Swam mode, we can not use docker command " docker run" to start up container , hence we must use " docker create service".

When we operate DL framework container(for example;BVLC caffe), we must log in DL frame work container to use python example code to begin Machine Learning.

Normally (not Swarm mode), we can log in container to use command “docker run --rm --name caffe -it bvlc/caffe:cpu bin/bash” (for example BVLC caffe) .

But Swam mode, we can not use “docker run --rm --name caffe -it bvlc/caffe:cpu”, so I tried as below;

$ docker service create --replicas 1 --name cpucaffe bvlc/caffe:cpu

But I could not log in the container of BVLC caffe.

Is there any way to log in DL Framework container easy at the swarm mode?

If we can not log in the container at the Swarm mode, we will never use DL Framework container at the swam mode.

Do anyone have good idea for this issue?