Docker Swarm Mode and running container in attached mode

We are running with Docker Swarm mode (1.12) and so far it looks good. We can deploy our services to a swarm of 1 node and to a swarm of multiple node. That published ports are available on all nodes is great for testing, since it does not mather if the swarm is 1 or 100 nodes.

There is one issue we have some trouble to resolve. For a usecase in which we want to do a job and wait until that job is finished, we created a container to do that job and in the pre 1.12 era we simply run that container without the -d option and waited until it exits. But now we have to create a service to deploy. That will work also, but we don’t know when the job is completed. Also the container and service are still present (no active container is running).

Is there or will there be a method to start containers not as service, but a a job container attached to the overlay network in swarm mode?


Johan C. Stöver