Cannot connect to Docker for Windows container from Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Issue type - cannot connect to a Docker for Windows running container from a Hyper-V Virtual Machine on the same computer
OS Version/build - Windows 10 Enterprise, Docker for Windows stable build
App version - any server app, something as simple as nginx or Tomcat is fine
Steps to reproduce -
Successful: 1. Start Docker for Windows 2. Run nginx (have tried various -p options) 3. Open host computer browser and navigate to localserver[:port, if set with -p option] 4. nginx welcome page is displayed
Unsuccessful: Steps 1 and 2 are the same 3. Open browser from within a running Hyper-V virtual machine on the same computer as Docker for Windows 4. Cannot connect to nginx

Although I’ve searched these forums and the greater Internet community, I cannot figure out how to connect to a running container in Docker for Windows from a local Hyper-V virtual machine. I’ve tried several Hyper-V VM settings and Virtual Switch Manager options. I’ve tried several -p options when running the container(s). I’ve tried multiple IP addresses. I believe I need to bridge the two networks (Docker for Windows and the Hyper-V VM network) but cannot figure out the steps.

Thank you in advance for any help and support.