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Cannot connect to Docker running in my VM

(Sunainadg) #1

First I’ll tell u my environment.

I’m using a Windows 10 Azure VM as my dev machine along with Docker for Windows.
Containers being used— Linux (which means its a Linux VM running inside the Hyper-V of my Windows 10 VM)

I have a multi-chain running inside my Linux container using dockers. I used docker-compose to set up 3 nodes of my multichain inside my container. (Master node, slave node, explorer node).
My master node has its ports 8002 and 7557 published using the following command in the docker-compose file:


I have an API app running in my windows 10 VM (developing in VS2017)

I need the IP address of my Master node so that I can connect to my master node from my Windows 10 Azure VM.

How do I get that IP address?

I short I must be able to connect to my Master node inside my Linux container from my Windows 10 VM dev machine. How to get that IP address?

I need this urgently.

(Syconet) #2

Try to inspect that container.

docker container inspect <Container_name>

(Sunainadg) #3

But can I connect to that container from my Windows 10 machine? Like isnt the Linux VM running in my Hyper V the host machine for my container?

Then How do I connect to that from my Windows? Like its a nested virtualization right?

(Syconet) #4

Yes, you can connect from your host Linux machine. But, I doubt you can from Windows 10 machine.

Let’s wait for experts to answer.

(Sunainadg) #5

Yes I’ll be ok even If I can connect from a different VM all together. I just need to connect to it, from a windows platform.