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Cannot connect to remote daemon, but can connect to remote daemon in container

I am trying to connect to a docker daemon on a different machine. I have to VM A and B. I want to run the daemon on VM A and connect to it from VM B.

For now, I’m not interested in setting-up TLS, or anything like that.

If I launch the daemon on VM B using this:

dockerd -H tcp://

And then try to talk to it from VM A:

curl x.x.x.x:2375/version
docker -H tcp://x.x.x.x:2375 ps

It just hangs for some time and then throw an error.

But if I launch a daemon inside a docker on VM B:

# Start the docker on the standard socket:

docker run --privileged -p 2375:2375 docker:dind dockerd -H tcp://

I can communicate with it from VM A without issue:

curl x.x.x.x:2375/version  # Ok
docker -H tcp://x.x.x.x:2375 ps  # Ok

Is there any reason why I could not connect to the daemon when started directly from the VM?

In order to connect to a remote Daemon running on any server machine please follow the below steps. Identify the Host machine where the Docker Client is running. If the Docker Client Machine is a Linux Machine. Please run the below command that connects to the remote docker Daemon.

export DOCKER_HOST=ssh://administrator@
The above command will establish the ssh connection to the remote machine and all the docker command get executed on the remote machine.

If the Docker Client Machine is a Windows Machine. Please run the below command to obtain the same result as above.

If one wants the docker client to use the old Docker daemon running on the client server. Please reset the value of the environment variable to empty.

In WIN : $env:DOCKER_HOST=" " In Linux : export DOCKER_HOST=’ ’

Thanks for your reply.

I do not want to connect using SSH, I want to connect using TCP/HTTP, and I don’t want to export the DOCKER_HOST variable because I also have a docker daemon running on the client.

I already now how to connect to a remote Docker daemon since, as I wrote, I’m already doing it. What I want is to know why I cannot contact the remote Docker daemon but I can contact a Docker daemon running inside a container on the remote VM.