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Cannot Delete Public or Private Repositories from Docker Hub

Hi All,

When i trying to delete public or private repository from docker hub i got error

Command which i was trying to delete from terminal
curl -s -v -H “Authorization: JWT ${HUB_TOKEN}” -X DELETE “

After execute i got error

And also i email to docker support 6 times but they didnt reply to my email

I have many repository which i want to delete it.

I suggest the following gist and see if your issue persists. I am pasting it below for completeness.


# Based on kizbitz/ at

# Example for the Docker Hub V2 API
# Returns all images and tags associated with a Docker Hub organization account.
# Requires 'jq':

# set username, password, and organization

# -------

set -e

# get token
echo "Retrieving token ..."
TOKEN=$(curl -s -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"username": "'${UNAME}'", "password": "'${UPASS}'"}' | jq -r .token)

# get list of repositories
echo "Retrieving repository list ..."
REPO_LIST=$(curl -s -H "Authorization: JWT ${TOKEN}"${ORG}/?page_size=200 | jq -r '.results|.[]|.name')

# delete images and/or tags
echo "Deleting images and tags for organization: ${ORG}"
for i in ${REPO_LIST}
  # Delete repo (all)
  echo -n "${i}: "
  curl -X DELETE -s -H "Authorization: JWT ${TOKEN}"${ORG}/${i}/
  echo "DELETED"

  # Delete by tags (TODO: filter)
  #IMAGE_TAGS=$(curl -s -H "Authorization: JWT ${TOKEN}"${ORG}/${i}/tags/?page_size=300 | jq -r '.results|.[]|.name')
  #for j in ${IMAGE_TAGS}
  #   echo -n "  - ${j} ... "
  #   curl -X DELETE -s -H "Authorization: JWT ${TOKEN}"${ORG}/${i}/tags/${j}/
  #   echo "DELETED"

getting the same error after following your script


I have the same issues, and because of that I can not downgrade and close my account.

What a shitty service! I just lost the count of e-mail I have sent, twitter and even sales, and no response.