Unable to delete repo under an organization

I have two repo’s under an organization I set up that I want to delete, but trying to delete them results in “Error deleting repository. Please verify if you have permissions.”.

I have tried adding a group I am in as admin to the repo but this just gives the same message. What does Dockerhub mean by “permissions”? There is no permissions page as such on the repo. I created the organization.

I’ve tried again this morning and am now able to delete the repos, maybe I was trying to delete them too soon after they were created?

can you tell me

How can i delete private or public repository from docker hub

i try with this command
curl -s -v -H “Authorization: JWT ${HUB_TOKEN}” -X DELETE “https://hub.docker.com/v2/repositories/mohd/test2/

got error
Connection #0 to host hub.docker.com left intact
{“detail”: “There was an error. The repository was not deleted.”}