Cannot join to swarm of windows server 2016 to docker data center


Currently we use docker data center. We installed lasts updates of windows and docker as shown


and here

When we run

docker swarm join --token XXXXX_TOKEN XXXX_IP command

docker data center shows

“[Pending] Windows worker Node is initializing…”

but initialization does not complete

At the same time “swarm join” command disable tcp/ipv4 on host, so connected of remote desktop is lost

additional info:
we use ASW, docker cloud installed with cloud formation
security groups no restriction
“swarm join” on linux host workes well

We will glad you for any useful info, also if you need additional info


Hello Platfoza,

Thank you for the post. As of today, UCP agent is available only as Linux container. Because there is no UCP agent responding on Windows node, UCP manager will keep waiting. This is why it gets stuck at “initializing…”

I do not have the exact timeline, but I know we are already working on Windows container version of UCP agent along with few changes to facilitate the communication.

Hope this helps.


Hello Eiichi,

Thank you for quick response.

We would like to evaluate actual experimental UCP agent implementation as explained here:

Running script from this article docker engine service cannot anymore start.

Is it possible to have some additional info to how up and run DDC (with evaluation) with supporting of windows node?

Actually we perform vendor selection so it should be nice to check that case.

Thank you in advance

Not directly asnwering your question but try portainer/portainer image which provides UI for managing docker swarm and which fully supporting Windows containers.

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