Windows Docker Containers in Swarm Mode

Does anyone know where things stand with being able to run Windows Docker containers in swarm mode? Is it even supported yet? I can run them in non-swarm mode, but in a swarm I get all kinds of HNC catastrophic errors.

It currently works on Windows 10 creators update:

Thank you for the reply! Do you have any idea when this will be generally available? Also, do you know when it would be available in Windows Server 2016?

I have been trying the Docker Swarm function with the Insider Preview and the services do start now, only i have not yet been able to actually connect to the containers running in the swarm. I’m new so i’m probably doing something wrong, but since this might be useful to some others who are trying to setup a Windows service, I’ll make this my first post.

The command i have issued is:

docker service create --name webfarm -p 80:80 microsoft/iis

I have also tried to specify an overlay network with --network, and i made sure to try all the IP’s i could find in docker service inspect, but i have not yet been able to see the IIS welcome page.