Cannot run docker-compose up -d im AWS EC2 instance

Hi everyone! I have problem with running ‘docker-compose up -d’ in AWS Instance EC2.

I have access to my instance, i have installed docker and docker-compose.

sudo docker --version
Docker version 18.06.1-ce, build e68fc7a215d7133c34aa18e3b72b4a21fd0c6136

docker-compose --version
docker-compose version 1.23.0-rc1, build 320e4819

Im trying to run Concourse CI in my instance.

Im following this tutorial:

On my mac i make it work but in AWS its not working.

when i run the first command -> wget
docker-compose up -d

and when i open docker-compose.yml file i get following ->

But when im trying to run ‘docker-compose.yml’ after starting docker i get following error:

docker-compose up -d
ERROR: Couldn’t connect to Docker daemon at http+docker://localhost - is it running?

If it’s at a non-standard location, specify the URL with the DOCKER_HOST environment variable.

Im confusing about what to do here? anyone have any solution for me?


Try to use “sudo”, that’s the trick for me.

sudo docker-compose up -d