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Cannot uninstall Hyper-V

Windows 10 Home X64, I have installed Docker for Windows. Works well.
But Hyper-V, which was installed with Docker conflict with my other software. Want to uninstall.
Uninstallation went well, but after it I still have some leftovers like service: “HV Host Service”, “Hyper-V Heartbeat Service”, 9 services in total with similar names.
How to get rid of them?

You can’t if you want to use Docker on Windows; it requires Hyper-V.

If you no longer want to use Docker, you can disable Hyper-V via OptionalFeatures.exe, which is included with Windows.

Windows 10 Home. There is no such feature as Hyper-V.
SO, I don’t know how Docker managed to install it, but now I can’t uninstall.

I can only disable these services.

I was under the impression that the relevant services fall under “Windows Hypervisor Platform” and “Virtual Machine Platform.” How many times have you rebooted since uninstalling Docker? I’ve noticed that sometimes it takes a cold reboot (shut down, leave computer off for a few seconds, turn back on) to install or uninstall Hyper-V, which I assume is a Windows bug.

I rebooted it several times.
I also used methods, described here

and here

Services still exist :slight_smile: