Cant find image 'hello-world:latest' locally dockerError response from daemon: Head "": dial tcp [2600:1f18:2148:bc02:2640:1b90:cea6:b6b5]:443: i/o timeout

Hi there, I am new to linux and to docker. I am trying to install docker for the first time on my Raspberry pi 4 8GB and I keep getting the above error whenever I try to ‘run’ or ‘pull’ a container. I have added my user to the docker group.

I am at a loss to work out what is going on…

Please help


If it is a problem with ipv6, run “nslookup”, choose an ipv4 address and put it in your /etc/hosts and try again.

sorry rimlek, because I am new to linux and the command line, I need you to draw me a picture… nPlease be more specific as to how I am to do what you suggest