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Can't Load Docker on a Core i7-3770 with all the Stuff Enabled

I’ve been a Docker user on Mac OS for a long time and am now on Windows 10 Pro. I’m working off an older Dell Optiplex 7010 with a Core i7-3770. I’ve ensured that Virtualization is installed at the bios level and have run the PowerShell commands to make sure that Hyper-V is installed. However I keep getting the following error when I boot up:

Hardware assisted virtualization and data execution protection must be enabled in the BIOS

It’s driving me nuts. I was able to run this on a newer laptop I had. Is there something about this gen of processor that won’t work or am I missing something?

Take a look here, might be helpful ->

The i7-3770 was at the very beginning of the virtualization. I own a Fujitsu Esprimo with this processor that is able to run Hyper-V. If Hyper-V doesn’t work on your Optiplex it could be an issue with the BIOS. There is a Intel Processor Identification Utility that may help to get such information.