Can't login to Docker Hub website, redirects me to sign-up page when I click sign-in button

  • Issue Type: login
  • OS Version: macOS 12.0.1 (21A559)
  • (app version not relevant)
  • (I don’t think this is reproducible since it’s simple as attempting to get to login page and also getting login page to log me in, and no one’s mentioned it)

DISCLAIMER: I’ve searched and searched for a troubleshoot to this issue for an hour but no one who uses internet forums seems to have had this issue, I guess?


I started using docker today but I can’t login to the website and I need to. I’ve made a valid docker account and verified the email address, I can login on the app. My browser recognized I made a docker hub account when I visited this forums subdomain and set it up for me. However unless I clear my cookies (and when I enter username and password and click submit button for sign-in form I get redirected back to sign up page and I have to clear cookies again and that ultimately does nothing), it just keeps redirecting me to sign-up page. In the sign-up page form it recognizes I have a valid email and username.