Can't push to docker hub

Not sure if this is a docker for mac issue or not (read my inexperience), any though appreciated. Prior to installing Docker for Mac i’d only ever pushed a single image as part of a tutorial. Since Installing Docker for Mac I’ve gone through a periodic website password update including

Actual behavior

This is what i’m seeing: I’m able to log into docker hub both through a browser and via docker login but when I try to push an image I get an unauthenticated error. I tried moving ~/.docker/config.json aside and letting the login recreate it. This is the console trace.

docker login
Username (zaphod80013):
Login Succeeded
vampire:Boinc ray$ docker push zaphod80013/public/boinc
The push refers to a repository []
5f5cb2aaa2af: Preparing
3f49e3091409: Preparing
42755cf4ee95: Preparing
unauthorized: authentication required

Any ideas appreciated