Can't set TSL certificate on windows 11

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to set up TLS certificates, but I’m encountering the following error: invalid TLS configuration: could not load X509 key pair (cert: ".pem", key: "server.key"): open server.pem: no such file or directory.

The service won’t start due to this error. I’ve copied and pasted the file paths using the “copy path” feature, so I believe they are correct.

Here’s my daemon.json file:

 "builder": {
  "gc": {
   "defaultKeepStorage": "20GB",
   "enabled": true
 "experimental": false,
 "hosts": ["tcp://", "npipe://"],
    "tlsverify": true,
    "tlscacert": "../../ca.pem",
    "tlscert": "../../server.pem",
    "tlskey": "../../server.key"

content_copyUse code [with caution](

**System Information:**

* OS Name: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro

* Version: 10.0.22631 Build 22631

* Docker Version: 26.1.1, build 4cf5afa

My goal is to set up my Windows PC as a Docker host so I can deploy my development applications from my Mac.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,
Renan Paiva

Try absolute path instead of relative, if you are sure the certs are there. Since it is on Windows, you can try backslashes instead of normal slashes.

But you can find the guide here:

It shows the certs should be in a specific folder which I don’t know where it should be on Windows.

Thanks for your help. I included the relative path just to demonstrate that there are some paths before the file. I’m using an absolute path. I’ve tried using both forward slashes and backslashes. The path doesn’t contain any spaces.