Can't start docker container

I got several docker containers, one of them with a nginx. Now we have a problem. The nginx config was changed and when the the nginx was started (sending HUP to it), it crashed and the docker container stoppped.

How can I get into the config inside the container to fix this problem?

probably have to go back to the image and start again

How? You are talking to a 200% novice here!

usually making a container is done with docker build, using a Dockerfile for input. .

if this is a nginx container, from dockerhub, then how did u modify its config?

is this app run with docker-compose?

The containers (there are several of them) are build on a development server, but the build script that the company who made this, does not work at all. And since they installed the containers on the production servers, we do not know exactly what they did (this was two years ago).

I modified the nginx config file by doing:
$ docker exec -ti <container_name> /bin/bash
# vi path-to-nginx-config-file
# exit
$ docker kill -s HUP <container_name>

Funny, yesterday I was able to copy the config file out of the stopped docker container, modify it and then I copied it back to the container. But I was not able to start the container.

Today, it seems like the system wanted to cooperate a bit more. I did a ‘docker start DOCERID’ an viola - it started :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies.