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Can't stop a container ?!?

I am running Docker on my Synology NAS and I just ran into the issue that I can’t stop a specific container. :frowning:
I have “stopped” and “killed” it multiple times and the output is always the container’s hash as if the command succeeded, but ps and status show that darn container as still running! And removing the network (as part of docker-compose down) fails because that network still “has active endpoints”

The container has a restart policy of “unless-stopped”, so it definitely should be stoppable!

Even stopping and restarting Docker didn’t fix the issue! That container got immediately restarted.
Do I now really need to restart my server just for this? This is SOOOO annoying!

How can that be? Is there no other method to kill such a zombie?

Your docker server is probably part of a docker swarm or something similar. When you kill the container on on a node in the swarm the master node may be configured to always restart it on the same node.