Unable to stop/kill containers - process just hangs

What’s happening: I frequently cannot stop or kill containers in my Ubuntu 23.04 installation.

Typing docker stop <container_id> or docker kill <container_id> and hitting enter results in the process just sitting there, for example this command has been attempting to execute for like 20 minutes now:

I realize that’s not a ton of details, unfortunately the output of docker kill/stop isn’t exactly verbose. What would be really helpful to me is some pointers on where I can look or what I should poke at to get more details.

A few things that may or may not be relevant, not sure:

  • I manage everything via Portainer, but have been seeing the same results testing with the cli directly
  • This happens whether I’m interacting with individual containers or Compose stacks
  • It does not happen with the exact same containers every time, in my screenshot you can see I’m trying to kill homepage, last time I was experimenting with this homepage stopped just fine
  • It happens whether the container has links/dependencies to other containers or not
  • Almost all of my containers do share a network (for reverse proxy-ing), but I experience the same thing on containers not on the proxy network
  • If I systemctl restart docker.socket docker.service it does give me a few moments I can try to kill the containers, but it doesn’t work very frequently
  • No issues starting containers
  • Most notably I have not found any pattern of running containers themselves that causes this behavior, while I have several running in the screenshot, testing with just 1 eventually exhibits the same behavior

Again apologies my actual details are so sparse, if someone could help me figure out what would be useful in diagnosing the problem I’d be very grateful and happy to provide details! Thanks everyone!