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Cap_add has been removed, what is the alternate?

Hi, We have some of the docker images created using docker-compose, (which has cap_add: - IPC_OWNER) in version 2. However in version 3 its has been removed. Can someone let me know what is the another option for cap_add?

Did you ever figure this out?

Even though docker-compose can read docker.compose.yml v3 files, it is still recommended to use docker-compose.yml v2 for docker-compose deployments. v3 has some new elements, some elemenets are moved or removed. All the swarm related stuff is completly ignored by docker-compose.

It’s a riddle to me, why people think they need to use the docker-compose.yml v3 format while still using docker-compose deployments…

When it commes to swarm deployments: yes v3 is correct and yes it is pretty restricted compared to what docker-compose is able to do. See to check what actualy is available for swarm…